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Array Visualizer Controls & VS Extension

Array Visualizer is a set of WPF and WinForms controls that enable visualization of 2D, 3D and 4D arrays.

The Visual Studio Extension is provided for easy integration with the VS 2010 IDE and enables visualization of arrays at debug time. The extension can downloaded directly from Visual Studio Gallery or from within VS 2010.

Additional WPF and WinForms projects are provided to ilustrate the use of the Array Visualizer controls leaverging the LINQ style array extension from the Linq Extensions Library.

Array Visualizer Debug mode window:


Samples of Array Visualizations:

2D - sample array of 7 by 4 elements:


3D - sample array of 7 by 5 by 3 elements:


4D - sample array of 2 by 7 by 5 by 3 elements:


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