Visualizer Overview

The visualizer has three main areas:
  • Available arrays list
  • Visualization options
  • Array View

Text mode:


The area highlighted in black lists all the arrays that are in scope.
These are arrays that are declared at the module level, within the method or passed into the method as parameters.

The area highlighted in red is the options area, is the options area, it allows you to rotate the array on the applicable axis or reset the array and display it in its natural arrangement.

Cell width and height let you adjust the cell within the display, in multi dimension arrays, it controls the size of the front cells and cells size on upper dimensions might appear skewed.
For numeric types, the formatter controls the display format.

When selecting 1D or 2D arrays, the chart tab appear letting you control the display of the array as a chart. Some chart types are available only for 2D arrays.

Chart Mode


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